Noise Problem and Carpeting Requirement

Question: I am having problems with the unit below mine, where she has complained too many times about the loud noise in my unit. I am not saying I am always a mouse, but the problem is that owners of the unit below and above mine are BOTH members of the board of directors and the last time the downstairs unit complained, she sent and email to the property manger and myself about this issue. About an hour later I get an email from someone else on the board (which later I found out is the unit above me and is also a member of the board and was Bcc-ed on the previous email), complaining and speaking in a very unprofessional manner. ALSO cc-ing 2 other board members!!!!! About an hour after that another member replies saying that they have his sympathy!!!! and that they should do every “legally” possible thing to put a stop to the noise in my unit!!! So my questions are:
1- Can the board be so blind and rude in dealing with residents? If two units are having problems, and one is on the board of directors, should they abuse their power by sending emails back and forth like this!!!! I honestly feel harassed, since I had always thought that the board is there to SOLVE the problem not prejudge people (as the second and definitely 3rd member were doing. What steps can I take to make sure my rights are not violated. for example, can the party in question be present at the board meetings that deal with my problem as a board member if I may not present? etc.

2- The condo law states that “not less than 65% of the floor area in each  room shall be covered by broadloom or by an area rug with suitable underpadding. My question is about the term “floor area”. Does this mean the area minus the area under the sofa, bed, table, etc.? or does it mean 65% of the area? for example if the area is 100 sqft, and I have a sofa of 30sq ft, does that mean 65% of 70 sq ft has to be covered, or 65% of 100? if the latter, then does the area under the sofa counted as covered, meaning that an additional 35% if the 70 sq ft have to covered? or do I have to put a rug under the sofa as well!!!!!!!

Answer:  1. It appears that the complaining director affected in each instance has a conflict of interest and should be excluded from Board discussion. You and that director should be allowed to speak to the issue and answer Board questions. Also anybody can email anybody else any time they wish.

2.  The carpeting requirement relates to the floor surface area whether or not you have furniture over the floor. It should be carpeted under the sofa to comply.

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