Condo Unit Measurement

Question: I am having an issue with our Condo.  They are in the process of redoing Schedule D – Condo Fees.  They are doing it by square footage.  It is presently based on a predetermined percentage.   The Board members did the measuring and then expected a vote to take place immediately. We have had our unit remeasured by ourselves and our daughter an insurance adjustor and we reach a different square footage by 150 sq ft less.  We have requested a remeasure and have not heard back.  There are personality issues involved and our feeling is they will not remeasure go with a vote that will probably pass by 90% and then we are stuck paying a much higher fee.  What are we to do?  We need help now.

Answer: The method of measuring needs to be consistent for all units and could be subject of a dispute that can go to mediation or arbitration.  If all units are measured the same way there would be fairness which could be greater than it was when the developers set the percentages. Those percentages are set on pre-built estimates of square feet.  If your unit is affected by an increase as a result that you think is unfair you can discuss this with the board and go through the dispute resolution process available to you.

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