Condo Outside Window Washing

Question: For seven years I have asked that the exterior glass surface of my balcony enclosure be cleaned by condominium hired window cleaners.  I believe that our condominium bylaws state that the inaccessible windows as well as all exterior surfaces will be cleaned/repaired by the condominium. The Board of Directors insists that the balcony exterior glass surface can be cleaned by standing on the balcony and using a squegee and therefore is accessible.. and my responsibility.. I am 5′ 2″ tall. The balcony glass is inaccessible.
Two commercial cleaners refused to clean the glass in this way due to safety/union directives. One commercial company cleaned the glass using a ladder from the ground since there is no anchor that allows them to reach this balcony glass (7 year old building – possible  deficiency???)  Recently the BD used condominium funds for a company to remove mould from the outside balcony slab ( beneath the glass,) Is it time for mediation or am I wrong?

ANSWER: If you can get other unit owners to support you the Board will eventually agree to have this work done by the Condominium Corporation. If you are alone on this you should try mediation emphasizing the safety issues involved for unit owners. This seems to be an area of common interest so you should be able to find others who agree with you.

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