Condo Board Questions old improvements to units

Question: Our board is asking owners,  to show proof of approval by a previous board or to remove them.  Of course they do not have proof as they bought their unit with a deck installed years ago by a previous owner. They are also asking owner who have jetted bathtub if they were installed by a licenced plumber. Of course these units were also purchased with these installation done by previous owners.  They are totally out of control with all these rules. Sending an invoice for over $200. for  lightbulbs to one owner saying she has stolen them and they had to be replaced. This owner also is being requested to remove her deck and her unit has just sold 1 month ago.  How can owners remove these directors who seem to be on a power trip. This condo was built in 1986 and was run efficiently and financially for many years until this one person has taken the presidency and surrounded herself with yes-men and a new property management company (replacing the old company which had been hired since the condo was built), who is arrogant in replying to owners with requests and concerns.
Can a motion be made at the AGM to stop these requests to have decks remove or other items which were part of  sales done many years ago. Through the years correspondence could have been lost and not registered on status certificate by a previous property management company. Thank you for your reply.

Answer: This sounds like a problem for several unit owners who should organize meetings and get discussion going at meetings of unit owners. It sounds like it would be a good idea to have a slate of candidates run for Board in the next election. Units affected by unfair orders can dispute them through mediation or arbitration. The person billed for the lights has a right to dispute that.

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