Water Leaking into unit

We have lived in a condo unit in Scarborough for about 4 years, and from the first year we moved in, the condo has been leaking whenever it rains.  The water floods in from the ground (we live on the ground floor).  Property management had had contractors in on various occasions to repair the problem, but it has never been fixed.  The problem was obviously there before we moved in and no one notified us about it.

At one point there was  mold in the walls from the water damage that had to be removed.  If we hadn’t insisted on them finding the source of the problem, the inner wall would never have been removed, and the mold never detected.

We have never received any compensation for the damage, and it is unhealthy to be living there, as well as inconvenient and disruptive, as workers have to be in over and over again to assess and repair the problem.  My home is unenjoyable and depressing.

They do not want to give us another unit in the interim, and it is taking property management a long time to get workers in this time.

What are our options?

Answer:  You should involve your own insurance company who may be helpful because of their analysis of the cause of the problem.  You should keep after the Board on this and if necessary request mediation. If you can afford it get your own contractor involved or hire an engineer to review the problem and let the condo board know their findings. If others in the building have a similar problem with their units work with them.

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