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You may contact our administrative staff at Miskin Law Offices to discuss your needs and arrange for your choice of mediator or arbitrator.  To maintain independence of our service providers, especially the arbitrators, it is important that they be contacted indirectly so they do not begin by hearing one side of the case which could disqualify them from being involved in the dispute as arbitrator.  Please call 416-492-0989 or another number for our office to contact our ADR Co-ordinator Angela Stanfield who can be reached through Reception (press 0) or at her extension (press 3) or by email:

Please email Angela with your questions for our Questions Answered page.

Our group includes members with varying degrees of experience and a variety of professional qualifications.  We have three tiers of hourly rates applicable which are $200, $300 or $400 per hour. Choose the person right for your budget while knowing that all of our mediators and arbitrators are insured independent, fully qualified and are members of the ADR Institute of Ontario. Should you be retaining one of our mediators or arbitrators and require assistance at a professional level our practitioners who are not assigned to your case are available to consult for $100 per hour. They will be able to help individual parties or all parties in process design or in preparation of documents and procedural advice and assistance in preparing for the mediation or arbitration.  This is especially helpful to persons who do not have legal representation but it is also helpful when legal representatives need assistance with the process.  You may reach us by calling any of the following local or toll free numbers:

Toronto: 416-492-0989

Ajax: 905-428-8000

Whitby: 905-430-8880

Peterborough: 705-755-7363

Toll Free: 877-428-8000