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Welcome to the Ontario Condominium conflict resolution service website.  We are happy you found us and we look forward to serving you.  This is the website of a unique co-operative group of Ontario condominium conflict resolution service providers. The group is co-ordinated and administered by Miskin Law Offices who have operated the ADR Works websites, the ADR Works Centre and provided training in arbitration and mediation for many years.  The ADR Works organizational experience is unrivaled in Canada. Murray Miskin, the founder of ADR Works, has been involved as a lawyer in condominium litigation since the early 1980s.  He has taught arbitration since 1985. He has provided arbitration training to the leading Ontario lawyers and authors in the condominium law sector before the Condominium Act was proclaimed in 2001. He has acted as an ADR service provider for condominium dispute situations since the act was first proclaimed and served as first President for three years on the Board of a large condominium building where he lived in Toronto.  As an arbitrator he has been upheld on appeal for arbitration decisions, including once by the Ontario Court of Appeal.   All of our arbitrators were trained by Murray Miskin.  Our mediators are also well trained and highly qualified. Most are also capable arbitrators.  Some of them will also provide Med/Arb services where they mediate and also decide issues that the parties do not settle.  When Med/Arb is used we are extremely careful to safeguard the process including use of a team approach to ensure fairness in the process and maintain arbitrator independence.  By selecting one or more of our arbitrators or mediators you are getting a highly skilled problem solver and also putting the Miskin and ADR Works experience to work for you for conflict resolution. Learn more by visiting the ADR Works Canada website.

Our condominium conflict resolution service providers come from across Ontario and most are also willing to travel to assist with disputes that are away from their home areas. All are well trained members of the ADR Institute of Ontario. Here you are able to get the information you need to choose an arbitrator or mediator when you need one. We provide full resumes and a wide range of hourly rates for our highly qualified condominium conflict resolution service providers.  You may then through our service obtain further information and make retainer and other arrangements. By using our administrative intermediary to answer questions and provide information you avoid creating potential conflicts or biases that could right from the start disqualify a dispute resolution service provider from acting in a condominium dispute especially when you are trying to select an arbitrator.  Our administrator is Angela Stanfield. Email:

Our service is unique in also providing on request the consulting services of our group members at a reduced hourly rate of $100 to those who select our mediators or arbitrators. The consultants are available to assist the parties to a condominium dispute with ADR procedures, preparation of an arbitration agreement, organizing  evidence and documents, and in designing the process for handling the dispute.  Your arbitrator or mediator does not act as consultant in your condominium dispute and does not communicate with your consultant about the case except when agreed to by all parties to the dispute.

You will see that ADR works for dispute resolution, and the unpleasantness and expense of a condominium dispute can be alleviated by using our dispute resolution services.

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